Masari charges elected APC executives on quality representation

GOVERNOR of Katsina State, Aminu Bello Masari has charged the newly elected State leadership of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress, APC to promote party growth and discipline.

He made the call at Government House on Sunday afternoon, during the first interactive section with the State executive of the party, saying the party had conducted its congresses from Ward up to Local Government and state levels which was done through consensus as agreed upon by all stakeholders of APC in Katsina State

According to him, ‘Your responsibility as leaders of our party is to make sure you provide accommodations, understanding and listening to those who might have lost out.

”the way you would conduct yourselves as leaders of our party will play significant role in the harmony, cohesion in our party.

”you have been elected, and you have sworn to an oath of office that you will discharge your duty and responsibilities of your offices without fear or favour, affection, or I will.

”people should understand that this is an undertaking between you and your God. We came from different parts of Katsina to converge here.

”what I’m saying in the essence is the road that brought you as members of APC executive are roads which means there maybe group of individuals who might come in way or the other”

The Governor further condemned anybody who facilitated in one way or the other or who pretended may not play the role or do the job which one is elected to do with the fear of God, respecting the constitution and the leadership of the party.

He insisted party leadership have an obligation to all and sundry and to selves and before anybody.

He said, “Nobody facilitated the coming of anybody. Life is simple,, but all depends on the way you play it. Your coming here is by consensus. Nobody will claim that he has spent a dime for anyone of you to be here. You didn’t come that way, so nobody can hold us into ransom.

“We have tried in our way to make sure that the interest of APC comes first, and your selection was on the basis of believe that you would promote APC as a political party and, by extension, promote Katsina State as a State.

”well, I hope, and I pray to Allah S.W. T to give the courage to manage your offices in the best interest of people of Katsina State and people who put you in the offices that you are, that is members of All Progressives Congress, APC” he added.