More reactions on Abuja-Keffi-Lafia traffic

Earlier, Faith Maji’s Blog reported that road users plying Abuja- Keffi- Lafia road are stranded for over 5 hours.

Following the report, some victims on a social media platform have this to say, Allu: “The hold up was as a result of NSUK’s convocation ceremony.

[10/29, 10:01 PM] +234 803 760 : “Was a witness and a victim too (1:30pm-5:15pm from A. Y Shafa Filling Station Keffi to University Gate and 5:15pm- 6:30pm from University Gate to Miki Suits, Angwan Lambú Keffi)

“Not only that, majorly was due to the ongoing construction works by Chinese Company (HEC) that lacks adequate equipments battling with manual labour even where machines supposed to……😢😢😢🤦🤦🤦

*Abi we done start to the pay China their loan néh?* They added.

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