Ex Minister of Women Affairs, Ciroma picks PDP National Dep chair ticket 

Hajiya Inna Ciroma is a household name in Nigerian political realm having served as Minister of Women Affairs, this time around, she decided to lead in a different capacity under the party that gave her opportunity to be Minister, thus is the first time for women folks to vied for such position in the history of Nigeria’s political party bence, one could say, time for women to lead political parties has come. 

Today Tuesday, Inna walked toward the corridor of the Peoples Democratic Party’s  secretariat, Wadata House, Abuja, to pick for herself ticket to run for the office of the National Deputy Chairman in forthcoming party convention.

According to her, one of the most important aspects of the PDP is its commitment to the unity of Nigeria and the desire to see that the best standards of democratic building are advanced. 

Faith Maji’s Blog captured Inna Ciroma’s speech verbatim “As part of this goal, I am privileged to be concluding today, a unique aspect of the founding principles of the PDP. A principle that espouses the values of diversity, the strengthening of national cohesion through zoning and rotation, as well as the pursuit of inclusive representation for both women and men. 

“For these very reasons, the PDP has survived many challenges and is today making progress in providing a political platform that is committed to building pillars of peace, unity, development, and actions to ensure that the deprivations suffered by citizens these last 6 years of unimpressive governance under the All-Progressive Congress (APC) is reversed”, She said.

She said these very pillars are those that will bring back the human dignity that has been lost and provide another basis for Nigerians to fight for their rights, demand the benefit of citizenship as peoples living under common pledge and creed of unity to the country.  

“I deeply appreciate the vote of confidence that the party has placed in its instruments and Constitution, and also the hope these provide for a better future in Nigeria. In many of its Constitutional Articles, the PDP urges the party members to “defend the sanctity of democracy through the firm enforcement of a strict code of conduct among its members (Section 2 (g) of the PDP Constitution). 

“These values are foundational and also behind the party’s belief in the implementation of the affirmative action clause contained in Sec 6(7) and the provision for the emancipation and participation of women in all levels of governance as envisaged in Sec 6 (5) of the party’s Constitution. Driven by all these constitutional provisions, existing congress guidelines and the decisions of NEC, the Women of the Party came together to purchase this form which I am returning today, and they urged me to run for this position on their behalf.

“I cannot thank them enough for the confidence reposed in me and know what this means to all of them. I know that this is a huge responsibility they have placed on me and pray that the Almighty will enable me to carry it to the end. 

“God will make this happen and give me the courage to uphold this mandate on their behalf. This is not the first time I am doing this, as I have represented Nigerian women before when I was Honorable Minister of Women Affairs. 

“The journey that started many years ago still being carried forward and will be expanded to many other constituencies such as youth who have felt often excluded in the past. This action is an affirmation that the PDP is an all-inclusive family now repositioned to fight for the restoration of Nigeria.  

“I know that my stewardship in this position will be the first time in history, and I believe it will signal many other changes to come in our party and country. 

“It will begin to send the messages that our party is prepared to break new grounds, continue to make progress and that men and women alike will at last serve this country and dedicate their lives to a better and more inclusive future. 

“I am also committed to all and will work with my Chairman to provide the best qualities of leadership from the party, bearing in mind the need to be fair to all and work as a team for greater equity in our country. As the DNC for the North, I will particularly work with our leaders to mobilize the support that is required to see that the states lost by PDP in 2015 are all reclaimed. 

“If offered this position, I will maintain an open-door policy and I will keep my promise to serve within the best possible standards, conscious of the need to be impartial, objective and an open facilitator. 

“On the issue of the female gender and their inclusion as envisaged in the Constitution in Sec 7(3) (which is emphatic about 35 percent, ) I will work closely with the Chairman, the National Woman Leader and other colleagues in the NWC to push for its realization. 

“The 2023 election is a task that must be done, and we need a winning formula, knowing the difficulties Nigerians are now faced with. 

“One of my greatest challenges will be to support our teaming members in the North to build stronger and more efficient political structures to respond to the antics of the main opposition party in our region. 

“This requires taking a closer look at what the party men and women are saying, connecting the decisions of the NWC directly to the grassroots/beneficiaries, and bearing in mind the fact that the main recipients of our commitments and decisions are our peoples. 

“Once again, I am deeply grateful to my party for this opportunity, the women, and men who have stood with me so far. I pledge to work for the common good and for the principles and defining pillars of our party, the PDP. 

“I pledge to abide by the code of ethics of the party with absolute responsibility, and to strictly follow the precepts of the Constitution and the organs of the party in all that I do. May God help me. Amen “, she added. 

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