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Syria — Iran Air strikes

Last Friday night, fighter jets of the Air Force that took off from Ramon Air Force Base attacked the T4 airstrip in the Homs district as part of the silent war against Iran.

The entrance to the Iranian cargo unloading compound near the southern runway at the airport was struck, and because of the strike, a crater about 10 meters deep was created, which prevented the shipment planes from transferring the weapons to the compound.

During the assault, an SA-02 anti-aircraft battery near the base was locked on the fighter jets and launched anti-aircraft missiles at them to neutralize the threat.

The fighter pilots attacked three carts that serve as part of the air force’s command and control system. As a result of the strike, six soldiers in the Syrian army’s Air defense system were injured.

Afghanistan: Shiite Mosque attack again

Today, during Friday’s prayer, Afghanistan has recorded another strike on a Shiite Mosque while this time in Kandahar, which can be assumed that it is ISIS.

According to the Turkish news network, Andulo, the death toll stands at 30. “We expect the number to rise further.”

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