Smugglers instigate youths against Customs as Katsina NCS Boss defend personnel shooting

Smugglers instigate youths against Customs as Katsina NCS Boss defend personnel shooting

The Acting Comptroller, Katsina Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, Chedu Dalha Wada, said the lingering face-off between personnel and some youths in the State were instigated by smugglers.

Katsina NSC Boss viewed with dismay the provocative act by some youths, on several occasions, throw stones at customs personnel even while on patrol van which have led to shooting.

According to him, investigation revealed that the youth actions are driven by smugglers usually lure the youths with money to fight customs officers.

“Particularly, smugglers don’t have regard for Custom officers and its activities because they feel custom is interfering in their businesses. Therefore, they incite the youths against customs officers by throwing money at them

“One of the key activities of custom officers is to halt the activities of the smuggler. We have discovered that smugglers in the bid to smuggle their goods go to any length to influence the youths negatively.

“On several occasions while discharging our duties in accordance to the law in Katsina, and we make arrest, youths in large numbers attack our men throwing stones at them, leaving the officers with the option of either to shoot or leave the smuggled goods and run for their dear life.

“They intentionally provoke you to shoot in Katsina. What would you do if you have a gun and people are throwing stones at you?

Dalhtu Wada, however, attributed the youths’ actions on ignorance hence the need to educate the citizens on importance of Customs’ activities in the State and the nation at large, noting that he is aware that the publics are not happy with customs.

The Acting NSC of Katsina Area Command stated this while briefing newsmen immediately after Customs/Community Consultative meeting at the Command headquarters, Katsina.

He said some traditional rulers also attest to them that youths are misled by smugglers especially, to fight custom.

“Please, let us advise our youths to desist from such act and to have regards and respect for the law.

“We invited traditional rulers, religious leaders and other stakeholders to the consultative forum to enlighten them on the activities of Customs.

“We have slated a date for a meeting with them (youths). We will go to the grassroots to meet with all those youths and address them together with the traditional, religious leaders, and their parents,” CG Wada added.