Banditry deterred census area demarcation in 8 out of 34 Katsina LGAs

The Federal Commissioner, National Population Commission, NPC, Katsina State, Alh. Bala Almu Banye, said 25 out of the 34 local government areas of the State have been successfully demarcated while remaining 8 was deterred by the activities of bandits.

He made the remark while at the Katsina layout to demarcate the personal property of the Governor of the State, Aminu Bello Masari.

According to him the exercise, is in its 17th phase, which is the final phase of the exercise that started in 2016.

“This is the 17th phase and the last phase of the exercise, which started in 2016. The demarcation is being carried out successfully, except for eight local governments that we have security challenges. Even in those local governments areas, we have made good progress and the remaining little, the commission will decide on the way forward taking cognizance of similar circumstances in other states.

“We started with Funtua in 2016 and one after the other, we are now on the last one, which is Katsina itself. As I am talking to you today in Katsina Local Government, we have demarcated more than 90%. I am expecting in the next two, three days, we shall have 100%”, he said.

He noted that, the essence of the demarcation is to divide the country into smaller unit against the commencement of the proper enumeration, as enumerators will be able to carry out the exercise within the time frame.

The NPC Commissioners, Banye further said that the success of the planning of the census is predicated on how well the areas are demarcated.

“Demarcation is the basis of planning how to do the census itself. That is when we will know how many persons we are going to engage and train to do the census. How many personal data devices, computers, supervisors, will be required to do the census itself and so on.

“All the budgeting process is based on the number of enumerations of areas that we produce and as I am telling you so far so good, by the end of October, nationwide we would have finished 100% all the demarcation of the country.”

Banye again said that the census exercise this time around is computerized unlike the previous ones and with the press of a button it makes available the needed statistics for planning as obtained in advanced countries.

“What makes the census this time different from the previous ones is that since during the colonial era there had only been demarcation, but this time we are taking advantage of technological advancement to get all data in a small device.

“By the time you compile all of them, with a press of a button you can know how many buildings, schools, hospitals, among other vital information at any given time. In the countries that are advanced, it is based on this demarcation that streets are named and numbered. They call it postal code. That is where we are heading to’, Banye said.