Masari blame lingering insecurity on lack of justice by past leaders

GOVERNOR Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State said assuming Nigeria past leaders shown justice and fairness, this issue of insecurity wouldn’t have come but because there was no justice then, insecurity lingers.

He said as Muslims, the religion taught them how to especially wealthy individual show act of justice and fairness because they are essentials tools to ending societal ills.

Masari made the assertion Thursday when Christian from Katsina State paid him a “Thank You” visit for sponsoring their trip to the land of Jordan at Government House, Katsina.

According to Masari “Since it is about religion affairs, I think we should be more religious. The injunction for God is for every human to do justice to all human beings not only for one religion, no, but to all humans irrespective of religion, race, tribe and what have you.

“Islam taught us about that. I don’t know about your religion, Christianity.

“This justice, God said we should show to even an animal. This is how the history of grazing reserve Islam has given us over 1,300 years ago.

“We will live in peace if there is justice. Wealthy individual should provide basic needs for the less privileged ones in the society.

“Jordan, as a dry place yet, they are living in peace because there is justice and fairness. See wealthy individual, but there is no peace because here, there is no justice and fairness.

“One thing is sure, peace is in our hands”, Masari said.

He further stressed out that the Kingdom of Jordan is a Muslim dominated country, but they live in harmony because they valued God’s creation and accept it diligently with justice and fairness which resulted in peaceful coexistence they are enjoying as well as some of you who recently visited the land on a pilgrimage.

“For State to sponsored you to Israel, is a right, not a privileged. That is the fairness we are talking about. Let’s be fair to each other irrespective of religion, race and tribe, then we will get out of this lingering insecurity in our country. We must promote social justice”, he added.

The SA to Governor Masari on Christian Affairs who led the delegation, Rev Ishaya Garba Jurau expressed gratitude to the Governor for show of love.

“You are the first Governor to extend us, we the Katsina State indigent Christians the privilege. We thank God for giving us you as our Governor in such a time. We went to Jordan and saw what we have been reading from the Holy Bible, and it has really improved our faith”, he said.