Gov Masari decry north population explosion as alarming

Gov Masari decry north population explosion as alarming

Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State, has decried as alarming the population explosion in the northern part of Nigeria.

He said that danger looms for northern children if northern leaders fail to rise from their slumber.

According to Governor Masari, the lifestyle of citizens from the region coupled with the looming population explosion may escalate the plight of children.

The Governor, who drew a comparison with their southern counterparts, used demographic variable, marriage and birthrate, noted that about 80% of men in the south stick to one wife.

He again said while the same percentage of men in the north marry two to four wives as well as the average number of children a person from the south is likely to have is three, while the average in the north is about nine.

Masari, in one of his addresses at Government House, Katsina, warned that continuing in the old in days system may worsen poverty indices as well as a spelling doom not only to the children but entire northern region and by implications, Nigeria at large.

According to him, “In 1987, when Katsina was created, the population was about 3.8 million. How many years today, we are talking about 8 million.

“That land of Katsina that was 500 years ago is still the same land. It has not increased in size, but has increased in population.

“So how do we conquer the situation, accommodate ourselves, our future children and grand children without the requisite educational knowledge?

“The challenges of the future with population explosion and with the character and nature of Hausa man, which is entirely different from the culture and traditions of our southern partners.

“What is the average of a person per child if you go to Lagos and other southern part? It is an average of 3 to 1. What is the average here in the Northwest, Northeast and others? A woman gives birth to the average of 9 here in the North.

“What is the average of marriage? 80% marry one wife in the south while in the North, 80% percent marry from two to four. Multiply the numbers and see for yourself.

“If we continue in this way obviously out of school children and abandoned children are going to be much more,” Governor Masari said

He called on his fellow northerners to rise, seek and apply to required knowledge to tame the menace of the looming population explosion.

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