International Day for Peace: Ambassador Nigeria State of African Diaspora, Princess Evelyn describe peace as fulcrum for sustainable development within homes

Resident Ambassador Nigeria State of African Diaspora, SOAD, Princess Amb. Evelyn Eyo-Honesty Ogbogu has called on families to adequately promote peaceful living among and within their homes for the development of Nigeria.

She made her position known in her address to mark this year’s International Day of Peace, a day dedicated by the United Nations to call for global ceasefire and peaceful resolutions as celebrated every 21 day of September each year.

According to Princess Evelyn Eyo-Honesty, “In order to adequately do justice to this, the Peace we are talking about must start from our various homes.

“The big question?

“How Many Homes are at peace globally? Statistics has shown that divorce has increased drastically globally due to several unresolved issues in our homes today.
“We need to note however that while doing this our young children are watching and such attributes stick as they grow as this becomes a major problem to our society.

“Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse is on the rise globally as polygamy and multiple relationships has also increased, these are also major factors affecting the various home fronts as children have also lost happiness and care in their families. Of course this is also a major reason why we see young boys beating up their peers and bullying girls the girls resort to all manner of misdemeanor as these are the ills they learn from their parents.

“As members of this great platform we therefore call on parents and guardians to join hands as we make the world a better place for our children to live in as the time has come for us to get it right from our Homes (Family) unit.

The Resident Ambassador of SOAD, stressed that parent should instill religious moralels on their children which she says for the Christian religion, the Bible says train up the Child in the way he should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. “Do we pray together as a family? Do we even monitor the kind of friends our children keep? How many parents honestly know who or where their children are and what they do?

Princess Evelyn Eyo-Honesty Ogbogu added that there is also so much religious intolerance among the different religious groups. “Let’s note that we have one supreme God and the holy books teach tolerance and love for one another.

“This strife at home and religious intolerance has also been stretched to the political space.

“Politics has become a tussle amongst the old, young and middle aged in our society where no group is willing to relinquish power for peace to reign.

“We must dwell in unity with peace and justice as we run this race called life.

“Today therefore provides opportunity to raise awareness for non-violence and to spread the message of peace, tolerance, compassion, empathy, hope and love in every corner of the world that has witnessed violence conflict or war

She urged and reminded members of the society that in order to have justice and equity in the society all and sundry must appreciate and recognize peace as a fulcrum for sustainable development and peace must be sustained for continuous social economic development at the home front, in religion and politics.

We therefore call on all warring “factions globally to ceasefire and embrace peace.”

This year’s theme goes with the hash tagg: #InternationalDayOfPeace