Coalition of Northern Groups give reasons they’re at logger head with government

Coalition of Northern Groups give reasons they’re at logger head with government

By Faith Awa Maji, Katsina

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), Nastura Ashir Shariff, has revealed why they have been at logger head with the Government for the past four years.

According to the CNG Chairman, the reason for the incessant attack on Government was because they could not see any headway out of banditry and other security challenges plaguing the country from the way government was handling the situation.

However, Shariff said there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel now considering recent measures initiated by the government, particularly in the Northern part of the country.

Shariff who described the recent synergy by states in the North towards combating insecurity as ‘an excellent one’, however noted that there is need for citizens to embark on intense prayer to see that these new measures brings to an end the restlessness in the North and the country entirely.

“The reason we are quarrelling with this Government for the last three to four years is because we didn’t see any initiative from them that’s why we are fighting them, quarrelling them and making a lot of noise because we didn’t see anything practical that they are doing but for the first time, they have this synergy among the state’s being devoured by banditry.

So, we are very comfortable with the situation on ground.

“From the signals filtering in, the new approach is producing result, and we are very comfortable with the development

“We are aware that this measure may have some negative consequences on the citizens residing in the communities where these measures are enforced,, but we are appealing to them to remain calm and cooperate with the Government to help end this banditry menace.

“We are also pleading with the Government to come up with measures that will help cushion the effects of some measures taken. “

He made the disclosure during a prayer session organized by the group in collaboration with Nigeria Quranic Reciters Association at Banuu Koomasie Mosque in Katsina on Friday.

According to him, the essence of the prayer session was to seek the face of God concerning the lingering insecurity in the country at large and to pray for
security operatives at the frontline.

Shariff further said the prayer was also necessitated by the new approach employed by the government in the fight against banditry and other security challenges.

He therefore, called on communities to from time to time, organize such prayer session, seeking for God’s intervention regarding peace and stability of the country.

“I am here in Katsina to witness the prayer session organized by CNG together with Nigeria Quranic Reciters Association to pray for God’s intervention on the issue of this security situation in Northern Nigeria and Nigeria in General.

“What motivates us is the new approach adopted by security personnel and government of Katsina, Kaduna, Zamfara, Sokoto and Niger.

“So we decide to set up prayer session to pray for our gallant security officers and personnel’s that are currently going on with this operation for their success and may Allah help us, let this process be the end of this banditry in Northern Nigeria. That is why we organized this prayer session,” Nastura said.

“Last week Friday, we had one in Kano State, and today we are having another in Katsina State, and it is going to be a continual process. So, we pray to Allah for His intervention in banditry and other security challenges in Northern Nigeria.

Similarly, Katsina State Chief Judge Justice Musa Danladi, who was the Chairman of the occasion, while speaking to journalists at the event said the newly initiated security challenge containment order in the state is on the right path as it has led to the arrest and prosecution of those flouting the orders.

According to the State’s Chief Judge, the state is in an unusual predicament,, and it requires the government to take unusual steps if it must win the war.

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