Katsina AG caution Arise TV to focus more on people’s reorient programming

Katsina AG caution Arise TV to focus more on people’s reorient programming

By Faith Awa Maji, Katsina

COMMISSIONER for Justice and Attorney General of Katsina State, Barrister Ahmad El-Marzuq has caution media organizations to focus more on people’s reoriented programming that would bring a lasting peace and development of the country.

Barrister Ahmad El-Marzuq specifically challenged Arise television which he holds in high esteem and hoped that they would change the narrative of professional standard rather, to discuss another man’s problem marred by common and avoidable mistakes.

He said a serious television station rather engages on televising developmental programming than wasting time in anchoring and discussing a cloned document with the signature of State Governor, Aminu Bello Masari.

According to him, they were thinking whether they were inexistent motive behind the program they did because a serious television station should be focusing on more serious programs that pertains to the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens of the country not the common mistakes that are happening every day.

“We want to categorically say that the document purportedly to have been signed and that is in circulation that contained lots of spelling mistakes, was not the document that was signed by His Excellency.

“You all aware, last year there was similar document that was circulating pertaining to Katsina State Finances and other transactions where the signature of his Excellency was cloned and pasted and kept on being circulated which were are not and not.

“We want to clarify that even though the content of the said document reflect, or the actual Containment Order signed by His Excellency but that particular one that is in circulation does not reflect the actual document that was signed by His Excellency.

“What actually baffled us was that the Arise television we hold in high esteem because of the people involved would be professional enough to have asked us the source of that document and the authenticity or velocity of that document, but they didn’t. I’m very disappointed that the head or the owner of the Arise television, I am not certain, but I know he is one of the promoters of Arise television, Mr. Reuben Abati, has gone ahead and input unpalatable remarks about His Excellency, Governor Masari. Explain the CV of our Governor and went ahead to show him in bad light.

“He has forgotten that his principal, President Jonathan, had committed more errors when he was the president, but he was not given this kind of treatment.

“We are disappointed and surprised that somebody of his caliber would throw that line and I thought that kind of attack should have come from the less junior person who probably not seasoned or not well groomed.

“But someone like him, I will take excessive from those remarks he made,” he said.

The Attorney General of Katsina State further said, even if they were such mistakes, what was the message that was being carried? Saying situation in Katsina State is much more than that mistakes, “we are hit by many calamities apart from the Banditry, this is the same time we had experienced fire outbreaks that burnt down our markets and our traders lost more than a billion naira and government has been going round to see it rehabilitate the market and how to empower traders too to go back to business.

“The Banditry that is taking place in this part of the country is so enormous that everybody feel unsafe.”

Barr. Ahmed poured out his mind while addressing journalists at the State secretariat complex, Katsina on the clone Containment Order that was purportedly signed by Gov Masari which was full of typographical errors.

He noted that the State is more concerned on the measures to address the security issue.

“What we are bothered for, is the security issues, not spelling errors. At this level what we should be looking at, is what the order is talking about, not how a word is written. Nobody is above mistake. We cannot expect everything we do we must be perfect at all times, no. Certain challenges, pressure, or situation can compel you in making mistakes.

“This issue of running around with the document with our Governor signature, I don’t think, is rarely an issue for someone to waste his time on and even run a program on by attacking people’s reputation.

The Justice Commissioner said though, the State is not joining issues with the Arise television or the promoter, rather its major concern is to safeguard the lives of citizens from the insecurity facing the State

“A serious television station must not dabble into such, but should be looking for the content or message that is contained, not typographical errors in a document. They should anchor a program on how effective are the measures or responsive of the government on the security and the wellbeing of the State.

The Commissioner, however, stressed that any documents that were signed by any high-ranking government officials is not to be issued out but only the content which he attributed the said document in circulation on social media as the hand work of mischief-makers.