See what Masari say about fairness of Nigerian leaders Katsina produce

See what Masari say about fairness of Nigerian leaders Katsina produce

By Faith Awa Maji, Katsina

Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Bello Masari said, the four Nigerian leaders who came from Katsina State are unique because of fairness in the distribution of the nation’s resources.
“One would have thought that if you are coming to Katsina, you are coming into a small London because having a President on four occasions, one would have thought that having all the resources of the country’s are in Katsina, but the President we have today and even Mallam Umaru of blessed memory did not go out of the way or out of the constitution to do anything to Katsina over and above other states.

“And regarding the whole of the Northern region, probably we are only competing with Ilorin educationally. Incidentally, this year, the Katsina college is planning to celebrate their 100 years in existence.
“Post primary education was started in 1921 and today 2021 it is 100 years of Post primary education in Katsina.”
He made the disclosure known Tuesday while playing host to the management and staff of University of Ilorin, led by the Pro Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council of the University, Habidu Yazid Rafin Dadi at Government House Katsina.

According to the State Governor, Katsina is the home of education noting that both second and third generations of Nigeria leaders all came through Katsina educational system.
“And education has been in Katsina even before then, for over 500 years ago.
“I think among the Hausa State, Katsina is among the first to come in contact with Islamic education. through trans Sahara trade routesSo Katsina is the home of education islamically and western education and Katsina has the fortune of producing three heads of the federal government, Buhari as a military head of State, unary as elected President, Buhari being elected twice so if we are counting by tenure, we can say four times.
“I am not convinced that there’s any State that has the fortune of the likes of Katsina.
“And we for those who don’t understand this kind of leadership, this is the kind of leadership we want for our country,” Masari said.
The Katsina State Governor, however, added that if you are a leader, be a leader for all not for a session saying is like you have your children, you feed some and you under feed some.
“That is not leadership.So, we pride ourselves that whenever we produce leaders, as human beings though, we are not perfect but certainly, we always live and work above average. We thank God for that.”
On his part, the Pro_ Chancellor of University of Ilorin, Abidu Yazid Rafin Dadi said along with all the management and staff of the University and the Vice Chancellor are in the State to inform the Emir of Katsina, Alh Abdulmumini Kabir Usman who double as the Chancellor of the University on the fourth coming convocation of the University.
“Since 1904 when the European masters first arrived at Katsina as a province, it has been home of education,” Ilorin university Pro-Chancellor said.
He further explained that Katsina has laid a credible foundation for the first, second, and third Nigerian leaders who received their first educational background at the Katsina college.
History has it that, Katsina College has produced leaders from within and outside the State notable among are the first Premier of Northern region of Nigeria, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Amadu Bello Sardaunan Sokoto, former civilian President, Shehu Shagari, Yakubu Gawon, Musa Yar’ adua among others.