NDLEA official reveal drugs commonly abused in Katsina

NDLEA official reveal drugs commonly abused in Katsina

By Faith Awa Maji

Conventional and non-conventional drugs such as cannabis sativa, pentazocine injection, tramadol, exol5. D10. D5, Rohypnol, cough syrup with codeine, suck and die, pit toilet, zakami, rubber solution among others have been identified as commonly abused drugs in Katsina State.

Drug abuse is a problem of all people from all walks of life. Incidentally, parents, children/students don’t sense the dangers until it is too late.

In a paper presentation at Al-Qalam University’s 2021 new students’ orientation in Katsina, Principal Staff Officer, Press/Advocacy, National Drugs, Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, Katsina State Command, Superintendent of Narcotics, SN, Sunday Kwogo Ogbadu said, none family is immune to drug abuse, as it is a complex problem for both the poor and the rich in both urban and rural dwellers.

SN Sunday stressed that people especially, students should adopt and developing coping skills by avoiding bad company, places where drugs are sold or offered, getting involved with religious activities, obeying rules and regulations in schools as measures taking to avert drugs abuse in the society.

“The youths on drugs are likely to exhibit some psychological traits such as emotional instability, anxiety, depression, aggressiveness and violence hallucination, memory loss/complications of mental illness, Psychosis/paranoid Impaired judgement euphoria, confusion, a threat to himself, family members and the society, premature death, cultism, school dropout.”

Mr. Ogbadu further explained that, disrespect and breakdown of law in the family and society, self-worth prostitution, political thuggery, theft and crime, terrorist activities among other traits are noticeable within abusers of drugs in the society.

“Drug abuse in the family/sub culture are said to be the cases of children who started abusing drugs by stealing the drugs from either their mother or father, especially those who smoke cigarette, the children start with the remnant/sub dropped by their parents.

Earlier in his remarks, the Vice Chancellor of the first Islamic University in Nigeria, Al-Qalam, Prof. Shehu Garki Ado said as a descent learning centre, the University authority will not relent in dealing with any student who manifests any form of misconduct.

“In fact, you are expected to dress according to acceptable standard and comport yourselves very well both within and outside the campus, as you are now
Ambassadors of the University. You should not engage in an irresponsible
and unwholesome lifestyles and anti-social activities not only on the campus but wherever you are as students of this University”, Prof. Shehu has added.