June 12 mere tribalistic day — Katsina residents

June 12 mere tribalistic day — Katsina residents

By Faith Awa Maji, Katsina

THE declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day by President Muhammadu Buhari two years ago may not have gone down well with a cross-section of Katsina State residents, as they tagged it a mere “tribalistic day.”

Our correspondent captured the views of some residents in Katsina metropolis and filed this report.

Sir, the country celebrated Democracy Day on June 12. Was the celebration worth the media hype?
According to Mr Bala Abdullahi:
“I think there are indices for one to make a judgment based on the context. First, you have to look at where we were before the APC took over. Where are those issues that had affected the former regime. What are those issues that the citizens were agitating for before APC took over from them?
I think we have the issue of insecurity, we have the issue of unemployment, we have the issue of infrastructure development and corruption. These were the key major issues that were being complained against the former regime of PDP.
“Coming down to APC, you see we have a type of development. One of the developments is human, and the other one is infrastructure. You need to make comparative analysis here.

“The former regime were accused of not having clear mission and vision for the country. And these necessitated the need to change of government that ushered in the APC.
“The quantum amount of corruption that was announced against PDP and the quantum amount of corruption being announced against the APC officeholders, you could say that the PDP are innocent in compare to this government.”

According to him, there were a lot of issues such as insecurity saying, before the country was having the problem of insecurity only in the north-east, and even the north-east there were states that never experienced that.
“Even if they did experience, it was just a minimal in terms of occurrence. Like Gombe state. If am not mistaken they have never experienced any, but coming down to this regime of APC from 2015 to date, we have the issue of insecurity in the north-west, south-east, the south-south and the south-west.

“The proliferation of small and light weapons are on the increase. Even though the border was officially closed. Believe me, the issue of arms smuggling and bomb making are so rampant.

“Before there were agitation by IPOB. But not as much as the current situation we are witnessing today. To the extent that they went ahead to establish Eastern Security Network (ESN) this to me shouldn’t be the case.
The issue of killings, prison break, prisoners getting out of and burning of police stations and what have you. Are more rampant these days.

A Katsina resident, Mr Bala “Coming down to the north-west you will see a lot of cases. For example, in Katsina from January to December last year which is 2020, we had more than twenty thousand attacks in Katsina State alone. So you could see the issue that is going on”.

He stressed out that, the issue of unemployment which is the basis of all these insecurities are not drastically addressed.
“Yes they have established, or they brought in N-POWER, S-POWER and what have you, these are time bound employment which to me, is not going to address the issue of unemployment, because there are people that were born with silver spoon, they graduated today and get to service. And after finishing their service, and some of them didn’t even finish service, but they are gainfully employed, because they are sons and daughters of who is who in Nigeria. But the sons and daughters of common man which are supposed to be the center of issue are not taking care of.

What would you say about Federal government presence in Katsina State?

“the Federal government is just a road. And the road has its own importance on the economy of the state and the economy of the people. And that is one out of many indices of development.
For example now to address rural to urban migration, you have to attack and address the issue affecting the rural dwellers, because junk of development and junk of productions are coming from the rural areas. So, if you don’t address their challenges, there certainly you are doing nothing. As for the urban centres much is not needed like the rural areas.

“The issue of education is also enough to be looked at it from the perspective. Every blessing day you find drop out in schools. People are not giving what is expected and even the type of education giving is not as quality as they are supposed to be given. They are just concern on the quantity and in education you don’t look at quantity alone; no, you look at the quality. That is the major issue that needs to be looked at, then follow by quantity. But the quality matters a lot in everything you are doing.

“So, these are some issues. To me, it should be a year of reckoning, a year of remembering things that happened. The issue of insecurity. Look at those that were killed in the cause of government negligence, those that lost employment and a lot of issues. The so-called democracy day is supposed to look into.

You mean, as the country celebrated Democracy Day on June 12. The day should have been the day of reckoning, not democracy?
“Yes! It should have been that. You need to remember ok you were this before what happened now? What are those things that are lacking? Issues that you left untouched to address it. And appeal to people, plead with them also to give you that confidence and trust. So, that you can move forward.

“Left to me, this issue of democracy day is more tribalistic than nationalistic. It is June 12th, and we all know what June 12 is all about in Nigeria. So, why are you saying this? So why are you doing that? So because of one single tribe, then you rename the nomenclature. It is never done anywhere like that. Before you do that you have to look at the challenges and the ethnicity issues, nationalistic issues, tribalistics issues and nepotism. All these need to put in place before you decide to say democracy day is this day. It is never done anywhere. It is not democracy day. Furthermore, it is tribalistic day.

On her part, a resident who only gave her name as Rhamat said, though Democracy Day seems to be a good day but due to uprising facing the country, it should be scrapped.

She also suggested to President Muhammadu Buhari to scrap NYSC and accumulate the annual stipend to empower the youth rather. ” To me, NYSC should be scrapped considering the number of unemployed youths roaming the streets day in day out while their monthly allowances should be a start-up business funds as the case maybe”.

A resident who pleaded anonymity said, there was nothing to celebrate about in Nigeria.

“Is there anything to celebrate? I’m asking you, journalist. You people know the truth on the autocratic leadership we have in Nigeria. What are we talking about? My sister, there’s nothing to celebrate here”, he said.